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BEA Dart Dakota Conversion Set

When British European Airways (BEA) were preparing to introduce their first gas turbine powered aircraft

(the Viscount in 1950), they operated two Dakotas fitted with Rolls Royce Dart engines in order to gain experience with the new type of powerplant. There were amusing stories of other pilots reporting to air traffic control of these Dakotas flying at high altitudes and cruising at 250 knots!

The conversion is very simple - the two resin Dart engines fit into the wing of the Dakota kit,

and the two propellers fit into the front of the engines.

The laser printed decal sheet gives the name and registration of each of the two aircraft

(the decal sheet can also be used for a normal Dakota as well).

Dart Dak Inst.pdf The conversion instruction (click on graphic to  open in a new window) The conversion set consists of two cast resin Dart engines and two cast metal propellers, plus laser printed decals for the BEA livery, and detailed instructions. CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS FROM HANNANTS