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Monday 6th August 2018

We have just produced the first decal set for the A Model Dove.

Because it is for Central African Airways it is in the Flame Lily series,
and also on a separate Dove page as other decal sets will follow.


Tuesday 31st July 2018

The following new items are now available from Hannants:

1:48 AG330 starter cart for the A12 & SR-71

1:48 Lancaster and Lincoln crew access ladders

1:72 Lancaster and Lincoln crew access ladders


Friday 8th June 2018

This week we delivered the new range of
laser printed decals for the Mach 2 Britannia kit.
In addition the master parts arrived for these models:

1:48 AG330 starter cart for the A12 & SR-71
1:48 Link Trainer
1:72 Snow Plough
1:72 Pookie - Rhodesian land mine detection vehicle
1:72 & 1:48 Type W “Wendy” loader


Wednesday 25th April 2018

A 1:48 scale WWII link trainer is being produced
to join the existing 1:72 model

The new USAF snow plough is now being produced


Monday, 23rd April 2018

In response to modeller’s requests we are producing a
1:48 scale version of our AG-330 starter cart for the A-12 and SR-71.

As always it can be ordered from Hannants - for more details click here.

And now for something completely different…..

We are producing a 1:72 kit of a Rhodesian ‘Pookie’,
a land mine detection vehicle produced by the Rhodesians
during the Bush War of the 1970s.

For details click here


Wednesday, 4th April 2018

We also received a photograph from Germany
of a model built from one of our Historic Wings kits,
the Lilienthal Glider (1894).


Sunday, 1st April 2018

We recently received some photographs from Richard Jenkins of a Shackleton Mk 3 phase 3 model he had built using our conversion set .
To see the photographs click here.

We receive many suggestions for more ground equipment
and here are some of the results:

B-5 maintenance platform

B-58 crew access steps

SR-71 & A-12 crew access steps

TSR2 crew access ladders