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1:72 & 1:48 SCALES


when it became known  that we were developing
a 1:72 Mandator transport vehicle for an Avro Blue Steel Missile,

we were asked if we would also produce a 1:48 version.

 When we said yes, it was obvious that a 1:48 missile would be necessary - hence this kit!

Because the model will have a removable tailcone to show the Stentor rocket motor,
a 1:72 version will also be available.

Design of the model is now complete and the masters will be produced in April 2017.

The plan  is to produce the Blue Steel missile, then a kit for the bomb trolley
and finally the  kit for AEC Mandator transport vehicle.

These screen shots from the CAD program show the complete model

and with the left side of the  tailcone removed to show the Stentor rocket motor.

Click on a graphic for a larger image

Two ventral fins will be supplied;
the first is folded sideways in the transport configuration (as shown above, right),
while the second is vertical in the flight configuration.

The tailcone is intentionally removable to show the Stentor rocket motor.

Blue_Steel_complete.JPG Blue_Steel_engine_detail.JPG