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Canadair North Star, Canadair Four or Argonaut
Engine Conversion Set

At the end of World War 2 the only transport aircraft available were American, and Canadair produced a modified version of the DC-4 which was pressurised and fitted with four Rolls Royce Merlin engines.

As initially delivered, each engine was fitted with exhaust stacks on both sides of each engine,
but this made the cabin very noisy. So ‘cross-over’ exhausts were fitted with the exhaust being on the outboard side of each nacelle and blanking plates on the inboard side  of each nacelle.

The aircraft operated under many names. Known as the DC-4M (presumably for Merlin), Trans Canada Airlines called it the Canadair Four, BOAC called it the Argonaut, The RCAF called it the North Star….. Take your choice!

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The instructions for the conversion set           

There are three conversion packs,
to allow all variants of the aircraft to be modelled:

TWC72019 - Canadair C-4M, North Star & Argonaut engines (original ejector exhausts)
conversion pack, for all variants as initially delivered with exhaust stacks on both

sides of each nacelle.


TWC72020 -  TCA Canadair Four engines (cross-over exhausts) conversion pack,

with exhausts  on the outboard side and blanking plates on the inboard side of each

nacelle and the raised upper cowling profile.


TWC72021 - BOAC Canadair Argonaut engines (cross-over exhausts) conversion pack.

with exhausts  on the outboard side and blanking plates on the inboard side of each



The square windows and DC-6 style cabin door need to be scratch built by the modeller or represented with decals.

A range of laser printed decals, which include separate square windows and a door outline decal in the Transport Wings Livery series are being produced - please see the DC-4 and Canadair decals page.

This conversion was to have include cast  metal propellers but the comment was made
that it was better to eliminate them and reduce the price accordingly.  
The masters were made, but they would have been four large castings and metal prices are high, so…..
We decided to produce a pack of four spinners as a separate item.

The first batch of conversion packs however, each includes a voucher for a free set of spinners.