B-4 Maintenance Stand

An etched brass kit with cast metal detail
parts of a widely used piece of ground equipment.

1:72 and 1:48 kits are available now  and a 1:144 version will be available later.
The kit contains a fret of etched brass parts,  pins
(for the pivots of the scissors arms),
cast metal wheels and a hydraulic pump.

The platform height of the 1:72 or 1:48 kits is adjustable after the model is built,
but  it is not practical to make the 1:144 kit adjustable and retain a realistic appearance.

The free end of one scissors arm engages in etched slots
in the base frame to adjust height of the platform
of the 1:72 and 1:48 kits.

The guard rails fit into sockets in the platform so can be used as required,
just like the real thing!

Click on the thumbnails below for larger illustrations.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE HANNANTS WEBSITE TO ORDER THE 1:48 VERSION CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE HANNANTS WEBSITE TO ORDER THE 1:72 VERSION The instructions for this kit (This is a pdf file,  which opens in a new window) GE48030-001-fret.jpg 800-GE48030.jpg 800-GE72030.jpg B-4 maintenance stand-72&48-inst-A5-pdf.pdf Photographs of the first finished 1:48 production model GE48030-F4.jpg GE48030-F1.jpg GE48030-F2.jpg GE48030-F3.jpg The etched brass fret for one model Haydn Hughes of the IPMS USAF SIG has kindly sent these photos of his 1:72 platforms in use. Thanks Haydn. 800_sunday090314072.JPG 800_sunday090314074.JPG 800_sunday090314076.JPG 800_sunday090314077.JPG

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