Marion Rachel Gaunt - A Permanent Tribute


It is with great sorrow that we announce the death of Marion Gaunt, a Director of Aircraft In Miniature Limited.

She was born in Whitby, Yorkshire, England, in 1953 and was married in Salisbury, Rhodesia, in 1972. In 1989 we founded Aircraft In Miniature Limited and she died at Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England on 12th April 2013.

During her life she lived in England and Rhodesia, and for short periods in France and Brasil. She loved to travel and was always interested in aviation. Flying in unusual and old aircraft gave her great pleasure, with some of her highlights being flights in the Short Sandringham, a DH Dragon and a Royal Navy Wessex helicopter.

Throughout the life of the company she was a source of inspiration, although it was sadly due to her ill health that we had to suspend production in 2004. However it was thanks to her suggestion that the successful collaboration with Hannants of Lowestoft came into being when the company resumed production in 2007.

She was diabetic from her early teenage years and despite serious medical complications in the last five years she was a real influence in the company to the end. For many years Marion wanted us to produce a kit of one specific British piston-engined airliner and as a tribute to a brave and much loved lady this will now happen.

Neil Gaunt
17 April 2013

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